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Monday, 16 December 2013

Our Festive Home

Well the decorations were put up last week, as those of you who follow us on Instagram will know! It felt early for me to have it all up, but after looking at gorgeous festive photos that everyone on ig was posting I gave in to the pressure! I was glad I did.... we had Christmas songs on and a bottle of prosecco on the go. Owen and Olivia decorsated their bedroom trees next to me while I hung the baubles on the main tree, and Lee..... well, he just looked on really after assembling the tree. I'm far to OCD when it comes to the tree to have him do anything! And yes, we have an artificial tree, I would love a real one, if only they came in white! We've had this colour scheme for 2 years now and I still can't bring myself to change it. Although it's not traditional, to me it feels just so Christmasy, ( not sure that's a word ) possibly because we don't have lots of colour in the house any other time of year, December is my time to bring it on! We're enjoying it while it lasts.... come the 27th it usually all comes down. I'm looking forward to that fresh clean feeling when everything's put away already!

Even the animals get into the holiday spirit!
Everyone has a favourite bauble, the glass pom pom one is mine.
Nearly every accessory gets packed away and replaced.

The hallway.... with a bit of modern retro... kitsch baubles in modern pink! Little tree decorated with our paper garlands.

A little more traditional in this room.... Red, white and silver.... And a bit of homemade thrown in too. These canvases were done a couple of years ago ( and I have to get round to sealing them this year ) the kids enjoyed making them, getting their hand and feet covered in paint, and they're a cute reminder every year of how big they're growing too! If you have children and a couple of canvases you need to break out the paint right now!!

The childrens rooms and landing are all done too. And although I enjoy how happy and cheery it all looks, I love escaping to the bedroom at night.... there isn't any glitter or festive cheer to be seen and it feels so peaceful. Bah Humbug!!