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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cool Calenders for Advent!

It's time to get your skates on people if your thinking of crafting your advent calender and haven't made a start..... Oh, thats just me then!
I think I've been so busy drooling over everyone else's creations that my two might end with cardboard chocolate crap! I really need to get a move on with this...... here's what's been giving me inspiration, but unfortunately not the kick up the a*$e I need to actually make one!

Love this..... easy & simple and can display on the fridge! Full details here

essentials of an advent calendar DIY
Paper bags & stickers from here

This one really appeals to my orderly side, perfect in monochrome and will look neat and tidy the whole month! Buy the printable template here
Too rustic for my home, but so so pretty. See the post for post here for this one.

Love this quick and easy idea from this lovely blog. I think the peg & paper bag route is what I'll be choosing as I have such a limited timeline and I have 2 to make. I'll be filling the bags with fun size chocolate bars and will be throwing in some other goodies on the odd day...... Lego mini figure for Owen, a lip gloss or little piece of inexpensive jewellery for Liv. 
What are you planning this year?
You don't need children for an advent calender, what about one for a loved one, or even the dog!