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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Our 'new' old sofa.....

When we bought our current home some 6 years ago, I wanted a completely fresh new look than what we had gone for in our last house, which meant that when we sold it we left practically everything. The couple who bought our house were first time buyers, all the furniture was 2 years old, and we left it all for free so they got a good deal!
But it meant we turned up at our new home with a corner sofa, washer, fridge and our clothes and not much else! Cue a trip to Ikea. My head was full of visions of glossy white loveliness, but furnishing a WHOLE house, our budget at the time didn't quite reach the 'glossy' part. It did reach the white though, so I was happy.
Over the last 6 years every room has been re-done twice, I like change, what can I say, and with each room change has come a furniture upgrade, and I got my glossy white vision.
The one piece of furniture that has never been upgraded however was our trusty old Klippan 2 seater in the conservatory.

 It has had a fair few new covers, as the room is mostly used by the children for playing, tv etc, so they don't stay pristine for long! We started with red covers, perfect fit, we moved onto black, what is going on ikea with the black, they DO NOT FIT, I know, I've bought 3! They rip when they first go on, they're baggy, they look awful! But with no good colour options available I stayed with it, dreaming of the new plush velvet sofa I was going to buy to replace it, but when it's in the room off the garden and the kids use it more than me was I really going to spend £700+ on a velvet number, I think not, not until it's no longer the kids main hangout anyway!
For the last 2 years I've been waiting for Ikea to bring out a grey klippan cover, grey is everywhere, it was an obvious colour for them to produce, but clearly not as they haven't, and I couldn't live with this any longer.....

So I started looking at companies who made ikea sofa covers with other fabrics, I was looking for grey cotton, what I found was grey washable VELVET...... Can you guess how happy I was? And the icing on the cake...... it was only £95, and £104 with delivery! It was mine, well it was after 3 weeks, as it had to be made and delivered!

I'm in love, You can find me lounging in the softness of it if you want me, I don't want to move!

Now it's just waiting for it's cushions....... new ones maybe? I'm thinking a moustache one!

The cover is from a company called Ikuva, I haven't been paid, asked or given a discount to do this post, I just love it so much I couldn't not share. It's like I have a brand new sofa and the fit is perfect! This is the Washable Velvet in Slate but they do tons of fabrics from plain to floral, and not just for the klippan either, they do them for a host of ikea sofas, so if you want to show your old sofa some love don't hesitate, I'm so glad I didn't. I have the velvet sofa I wished for and I've saved about £600, what's not to love!