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Monohomes is a lifestyle store that sources unique and luxurious home accessories and gifts. Visit us here, www.monohomes.co.uk to see our gorgeous full range. 
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A styled life???

Wouldn't it be a lovely world if all our homes looked like they do in Living Etc and Elle Decoration?  Well unfortunately for most of us we aren't going to have their photographers knocking on the door anytime soon! But just because our homes aren't large enough, old enough, 'wow' inducing enough, doesn't mean they can't be stylish, luxurious and above all a space that we get excited about to be in.
When I first thought about about setting up Monohomes, it kept on going round in my head that to be a good sales person you should be willing to sell anything, and I know that isn't me! But over time I began to realise that to be a good sales person, I just have to really believe in what I'm selling, so I knew then that
My home
  Monohomes would never, ever stock anything that I wouldn't have in my own home, and to be in my home it needs to be either, a bit different, bring a bit of luxury or just something that makes people take a second look, whether they like the item or not.  But there is one HUGE downside to this.... as more stock arrives everyday, my Husbands getting really annoyed at all the " I'm just going to keep one of these for us " statements that I keep making! But really that's the whole point of it all, our home isn't perfect, I'm constantly decorating, moving things around, changing things up, but I love our home so much and I think everyone should feel like that. So when I began to think about what makes me love my home, I realised it was the highly scented candles that I burn practically constantly, it's the gorgeous mugs I drink my coffee from, its the fact that my cushions are all filled with feathers so they're soft and cosy..... basically it's the little things!
Part of the family now!
My home is mainly white, walls, furniture etc, so anything I bring into the mix goes, be it a big silver gazelles head, a bright turquoise 1960's stag figure, a sparkly skull ( all true ) and its all interchangable from room to room, bonus! I know my taste is not everyones taste, but once I realised that I don't need to cater to 99% of the population Monohomes finally started to come together! It's literally a countdown now to us going live, but whether there will be any stock to sell or I just keep it all for me is anyones guess!! ;-)

Love Nat. X