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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A 'growing up' room...

If you've ever wondered what idiot would set up a business and decorate their sons room at the same time, well, Tada, here I am!
Yes I wasn't content with just trying to get Monohomes up and running, I wanted a new room for my boy too!
Although on a regular basis I moan about how my children are growing up so fast, from an interior point of view I get really excited. I love planning how their spaces will change, the new functions the rooms will need and the little touches that really finish them off. I think its great that as they get older they no longer need 'themed' rooms, Whoo hoo for no more Cars, Dinosaurs, Princesses or the like that I've put up with in the past all in the name of being a good mum and wanting to put a smile on their faces.
I've been wanting to create a new layout and get rid of his mid sleeper for ages, it gets pretty tiring bumping my head whenever I tidy up! And although the rooms walls looked really white, as soon as we slapped the first brush of fresh paint on there, the difference made me feel a bit of dirty old bird for not doing it sooner!
So old bed took apart, new one in place, curtains down, replaced with blind for a less fussy look, all sorts of things moved around, one MASSIVE clear out and a bit of styling later here is his new room!!

I can't call it a grown up space, cause he's not and it isn't, so I'm naming it his 'growing up' space, but it is much more funky and older than what was there previously, I can see him for the next couple of years coming up here to 'chill' and hang out, in fact we've hardly been able to remove him from here since he saw it, which, when you consider he has the smallest room in the house, is quite a feat!
I'd love to know what interior adventures you've been up to lately?

Love, Nat x