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Monday, 22 July 2013

White and Bright

Although not to everyones taste, I've got to say I love nothing more than a bright white home..... I spend far to long gazing at images of gorgeous white interiors like this, this and this..... I can imagine myself in a simple body skimming long jersey dress, just bobbing about the house, making lattes and smiling serenely at my gorgeous family of perfect children dressed in white t's and blue jeans that bring out the bright blue of their eyes.........  I can dream can't I? If you know me, you'll know I don't have the body, or height, for long body skimming dresses, and white t's on my children, please, they'd be clean for all of about 2 seconds! And a house like this? Yeah I'm still dreaming, and it's taken me a long time to realise that actually I could never live in a completely white home, I need a little colour.

Apart from the living room, which has gray walls, every room in our home is painted white, and with children, whats easier than keeping a pot of brilliant white paint and paintbrush handy for the inevitable dirty marks? And while I dream all white dreams, in real life I like to have shots of colour brought in through accessories, cushions, vases, artwork etc. I think it adds interest and brings life to the place without looking too bright and garish. And with a white base, everything can move from room to room when I get an itch to move things around, so I think I've found what style works for our home, for now, in a years time I might have changed my mind, but thats what I love about our home, it's always a work in progress.

What about you? whats your favorite home colour palette?