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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Wall plates, fab or drab??

When we first got the gorgeous Cowy Horn, ( Kids choice of name!!) and put him up on the wall I was instantly smitten, he was big and fabulous and shiny, what more could I want?

 He even gets fairy lights at christmas and bunting for any occasion!!
But that was over 6 months ago and recently I find he's looking rather lost on the wall on his own, but I didn't have a clue what to add to the wall that wouldn't detract from his fabulousness. ( is that a word? it is now!)
I thought of a couple of smaller animal heads but thought they'd take the limelight away from whats supposed to be a focal point. On and off for the past few months I've been lusting after some gorgeous plates to display like these by Andrew Tanner

And although I love them, again I thought they may make it look all too busy for what is essentially a room to relax in. I was also very worried about channelling this sort of look

when what I really wanted was this style from House to Home

so, nothing has happened to the wall, and I put it to the back of mind in one of those I'll know what I want when I see it kind of way. I was right, I did know it when I saw it!
Watching Kirstie's Fill Your House For Free on Tuesday night I saw the perfect solution in one of the houses they revamped. I spied a wall of plain white matt plates hung on the wall, they were all different plates but looked the same texture so I guessed that they were painted, and there was my answer..... Surround my gorgeous gazelle with plain matt plates!
So off I went the next day to the charity shop and came home with these,

Very twee and vintage floral, fyi, not very 'me', plates. So after sanding them down and giving them 3 coats of paint ( tester pots from B&Q) I had these

I'll be the first to say they aren't going to stand up to any scratching, the paint may well just come off, but they're going high on a wall and I'd be surprised if they stay around for years, I change things often. So for what I want them for they're perfect. There are 9 of them in all, and fingers crossed they'll be up on the wall tonight.

Can't wait to get them up and show you what they look like!