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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Styling on a budget

Very excited at the moment to be helping my friend style her home. Her personal life has recently gone through some changes and so she wants to give her home a bit of a makeover, like a break-up haircut for the home!!

We're going to be making over 2 rooms, living room and her bedroom and we are on a strict budget of a few hundred pounds. Obviously it would be great if money were no object but lets face it, everyone has limits, and I find it more exciting this way, hunting out little bargain gems. When you have to make every pound count it makes the things you do decide to spend the money on more special. Here are some of the Pinterest images we've been getting inspiration from....

With a colour scheme of black, cream with shots of blue for the living room decided on the bedroom will be cosy with white, cream and wait for it.... PINK!! We're working with pieces that are already in the rooms so that helped narrow down colour choices. I think its probably harder to start a room from scratch, to choose from the myriad of colours out there!

We've been pinning like mad woman and are going shopping tomorrow, then Monday night we're going to be painting, ready to do the styling of the rooms on Tuesday. So I'll be sharing the results next week, while my friend snuggles up in her new rooms. In the meantime the mood boards are here and here.