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Monday, 7 October 2013


We've been having lots of family time this weekend as my Husband has been working nights for 2 weeks due to a big re-fit going on at work. He finished on friday, so we picked the children up from school headed out for dinner then came home to relax. Candles, pink fizz and pjs.... bliss! 
Saturday was spent shopping with my girl. Clothes, snow cones and new bags all featured. 
 Sunday was a lovely lazy morning and an afternoon trip to Nandos. Cheese board and wine for the evening rounded things off nicely. All in all a lovely family weekend.
But to be honest it's not often that a weekend passes without some new addition or something changing in the house and so I did find time for a bit of re-arranging of the kitchen shelf. 
It was more decorative, giving the kitchen a shot of colour with the artwork that was up there, but its a long shelf so actually I was just wasting the space and lately I've been drooling over some gorgeous and functional open shelving on Pinterest like these.

( images from my Pinterest board here )

So I decided to just go for it and change it up, after all it's hardly difficult to change back! 

So it went from this.....

to this......

I'm really liking how its turned out, feels so much more practical and kitcheny... ( a new word for Monday that, kitcheny!! )
So a quick re-do in the kitchen that cost nothing.... just the kind of house project any husband will like!