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Thursday, 17 October 2013

The one benefit of being your own boss!

I've not been on this journey of  being my own boss for very long, but one thing I've come to realise is that there are less plus points than one might think. The first major downside is that you never 'switch off', ever! Unlike when you're employed by someone, and you are paid for every hour you work, running your own business means you are certainly not paid for every hour of work and there is no going home and forgetting about work till the next day. It's still on your mind when your cleaning the house, cooking the dinner and watching TV. It's something no amount of relaxing scented candles can remove from your brain, I know this because I've tried!!
There is lots of pressure involved in knowing that you have to put yourself out there and there is a very real possibility of failure. After all, not everyone has the same taste as you.

But this week I've discovered a big plus point of being self-employed. 
My little girl Olivia has been poorly and ended up spending a little time in hospital. She has a viral infection, but her symptoms were a fever we couldn't bring down, headache and a rash all over her chest, so obviously anything sinister had to be ruled out.
 As any working mum knows, nothing should keep you away from your sick child but when you have a job to do and less than understanding employers then where you SHOULD be isn't always were you ARE! If you stay home you feel guilty for not doing your job, if you go to work you feel guilty for not being with your child, it's a no win situation. This is the first time since I took the plunge and accepted redundancy that one of my children has been properly sick and I can't tell you the relief of knowing I had no boss to ring to say I won't be in or staff that I would be letting down by not being there. I was free to put everything on hold and look after my girl. So I might not be earning as much as I used too and I might be working longer, much longer hours but for this one thing this week it's all totally worth it. I don't expect many males out there to get this post, but I bet my life all Mums will.