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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Simple Celebration...

Yesterday we had a birthday in the house. My Husband turned 34, which would sound old if I hadn't passed the same threshold 6 months ago!!
We were pretty low key in our celebrations, no wild parties, just some family time for the four of us.
We do have to do a little party decor, and I mean a little, nothing like the childrens birthdays.
These got opened, I've been waiting for an excuse to put them up.

They are the Mini Bright Bunting and Confetti from the shop, they are gorgeous and bright, yet because of their size not overpowering. They look so pretty that they're definitely going to end up in Olivias room.

I just casually hung them from the curtain pole, no perfection here!

I'd made the chocolate cake the evening before, talk about organised, I even surprised myself with that, so all I had to yesterday was frost it and decorate it. I used a easy peasy chocolate cake recipe from here, bunged everything in the Kitchen Aid and baked. I didn't do the chocolate frosting like the recipe as I wanted a white cake.  I just made up a vanilla one, no measuring, just some cream, butter, vanilla extract (use the best you can) and icing sugar. I just kept adding icing sugar until I got the consistency I wanted.
 We aren't talking cake decorator of the year here people, but by keeping it simple, very simple, it turned out quite a pretty cake. Rustic would be the best word. I like the word rustic, if somethings not perfect its rustic instead of wrong. Much more optimistic sounding I think. I made the monochrome bunting with wooden skewers, washi tape and twine, so easy the kids could have done this with their eyes closed.

We gave Lee his cake and popped open a bottle of champagne and spent a cosy evening in front of the tv. That's whats considered Rock an Roll at 34 don't you know?

What, you don't blow out your candles with a child hanging off your back??
Must remember to save this cake recipe, I think even Lee can rustle up this for my next birthday.