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Saturday, 26 October 2013

It's Halloween in the house!

We finally managed to get the Halloween decorations from the loft this week. For those who follow me on Instagram you'll already know this. It's only been for the past 4 or so years that we've decorated at this time of year, Britain isn't nearly as big on it as in America, but with social media like Pinterest and Instagram us English can feel a bit left out. So we like to get in the spirit of it, even if it's only dipping our toes in with a few sparkly spiders!!

We let the kids go wild with those jelly window stickers and tacky decor in their rooms, and we also decorate the conservatory. The living room with its sparkly skull and Eames black bird brings enough horror to the room according to Mr Donohoe!

We've also made paperchains that are languishing in the magazine box still to be put up, hopefully sometime before Christmas.

Today as there's a possible storm on the way we're staying in the house, candles lit, lounge wear on and decorating our pumpkins and making up the Trick or Treat bags. I'm guessing lot's of people are having their Halloween parties tonight, but our families isn't till next Saturday at my cousins (we just like to be different!) so there will be lots of crafts going on next week ready for that.
Metallic pumpkins from here

Pretty white & gold from here
I'm taking pumpkin inspiration from these images, but I'm not holding my breath that ours will look as good. I'll share the results next week for you to laugh  compliment me on!