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Monday, 5 August 2013

Details, details.......

As I've said before I always think that what makes a house a home is the details, be it little architectural details, of which my home has none, or the little details we introduce in our styling. 
I love nothing more than playing around with home accessories. They are the easiest way to introduce a bit of personality to a room, even minimalistic ones. I've got to say my favorite pieces tend to be glossy monochrome, that on closer inspection have something a bit different about them, usually funny or quirky. They make people take a second look, start conversations and above all else, should always reflect what you love or are inspired by.
One thing that has never bothered me is whether others share or even like my taste in some of my more unique pieces. As long as I look at them and they make me smile, then they have a place in my home, no matter what anyone says about them! You wouldn't believe some of the comments I've had about my Eames House Bird by Vitra, and thats a design classic!

My object of the moment is a piece I didn't even buy, but won on Twitter from BoConcept Manchester!
I never win anything, but to be fair I never enter comps either. This was just a weekend giveaway, where you had to retweet and follow them, which wasn't a problem, I'm happy to retweet for them, I'd never do it just to win something, I genuinely love what they do! (They do these giveaways every weekend btw, and I've not been paid, given anything apart from my prize, or got any special treatment to include them in this post!)
After winning, to my surprise, I got to choose which style of candle holder I wanted, white, surprise surprise, they packed and shipped it and I received it on the following Tuesday. It has been in use every night since. 

It's gorgeous. It reminds me of a miniature pineapple. 

And it looks even better at night lit up.... but you'll have to trust me about that as the picture does it no justice!

I'm sold on this one, I think it'll be staying around for a while.