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Monohomes is a lifestyle store that sources unique and luxurious home accessories and gifts. Visit us here, www.monohomes.co.uk to see our gorgeous full range. 
This blog is all about what goes on behind the scenes, what we love, what we've been doing and general stuff that fills our day!


Friday, 9 August 2013

New Additions.......

We've been very busy here the last 4 weeks since launching monohomes.co.uk with making sure everythings fine on the website, wrapping orders, school holidays, twitter (@monohomes)  Facebook and instagram... It's alot to keep on top of, and try to feel like your not spamming people, oh and trying to decide if we become a real, if tiny, shop!

But just because we've busy doesn't mean we've not had time to add a few new bits to the home.... I'm never too busy for that! Here are some shots for you, be warned, I think all of these fall into the eclectic realm, but we love them!
A little perspex on sale at BoConcept, we bought 2, one each for my boy and girl, here is Liv's

And don't you love it when your Mum buys something then decides it will look better in your house..... Love my Mum.... Oh and those white sheer curtains are new, perfect for summer and probably winter, light helps me wake up, if I had blackouts you'd never get me out of bed!

A new little door mat from a rug sample..... yes please...

And who can resist a gold gnome?? Oh, just me then...... especially when I realised that it went perfectly with the gold paper bag vase from our shop!!

He's a definite fave!!

We're excited to be getting a new style of our concrete candle holders in the shop next week, and we're offering 20% off everything in the shop this weekend with the code MONTH1 to celebrate our 4 week anniversary!
Happy Weekend everyone!