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Monday, 12 August 2013

Stylish Storage

Storage..... Oh how I love stylish storage, looks good and hides a multitude of sins, well in this house anyway!
Having clever storage has saved my sanity countless times since I became a mother, and not just when it comes to toys either. As soon as a baby enters your life they bring with them a truckful of 'baby stuff'. Nappies, dummies, wipes, creams, bibs..... the list is literally endless, and it all has to be stored somewhere thats to hand! And this is usually when you start buying boxes, wood, plastic, wicker, cotton and if your anything like me you'll still be buying them years after the nappy stage too!  
My nappy box was great, easy to move from room to room and being wooden looked good even if got left out! After nappies it held all those little toys that get everwhere, and then we needed another with an onslaught of toys that come with a toddler. They went under the coffee table, neat and tidy. We then got a unit with doors for the living room when our daughter arrived, and at the end of every night everything was put behind those doors and I had my lovely adult living room back! I'll be the first to admit to OCD tendencies and so being able to do this helped me enormously.... if the house is untidy I somehow feel like I'm failing, ridiculous, but true.
Once the children where old enough to play in their rooms unsupervised, that was it, all toys stored in their bedrooms only. Again, boxes were and still are used, that way they can bring things downstairs easily if they want. 
There are some amazing storage options out there, here are a few that I'm loving at the moment.... I love ones that have doors to hide things you don't want the world to see, but also have some open shelves to showcase gorgeous objects!

How beautiful..... bit bright for my house, but still.....     from Furniture Mind

Now this would be perfect.... again Furniture Mind

For something a bit more budget friendly you just cannot beat Ikea...... Would love the burst of yellow in a white room from this brand new Stockholm display cabinet

We have this TV unit, it holds so much and is glossy, so obviously I love it...

Love this from here

And to corral all those bits and bobs.....

Who doesn't love a bit of Pantone.... get these here

My son has these and we love them...

I want these..... I have a gray felt storage bag that they'll look perfect with....

What do you think? Are you a little OCD with mess? Do you have a place for everything? How do you manage all your bits and pieces? 
I'm off now to dream about a time when I won't be scared of a little lego on the floor, it really hurts, and the way my boy loves it it's going to be a while off yet!